Spitfire Studios was hired to make a 2 minute live action promo for Adventure Time. The direction was make a LARPing scene with a bunch of characters from the Land of OOOO, but the costumes had to look like things that a kid could make. With Forrest Hill heading up our build team, we spent 3 weeks building about 20 costumes, countless props, and an entire set of both Ice Mountains and regular Mountains. With nearly one costume for each day until the shoot, we had to work fast and  learned really fast when to move on to the next ting on the list. Nearly everything was made with Paper Mache, cardboard, duct tape, foam padding, and Insulation foam. Forrest and I put a serious dent in the city’s coffee supply during those 15 hour days. The build was both super fun and super challenging for same reason; making it believable that a kid made this costume.
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